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‘The Dreamer’s Eye’ - debut album from Kyle Fosburgh

(May 03, 2012)

From its somewhat understated, gentle opening ‘The Dreamer’s Eye’ - debut album from Kyle Fosburgh - steadily grows on you with its reflective miscellany of styles from American folk, to bluesKyle Fosburgh and country. Add to that mix a dash of progressive folk, accompanied narration and some fine guitar work, and you have an album worth a serious listen.

Usually when I read that an album is the result of ‘a Christian re-birth’ I’m always slightly wary; certainly not for any reasons of faith, more because such descriptions often mark mediocre music with a distinct scriptural tone. Not so here. Kyle’s mournful, longing vocals are easy to listen to, perfectly fit his songs and not a hint of evangelism in sight. I think that his vocals gain considerable strength after the first track, which some might find weaker than the rest but you should persevere. Check out the evocative instrumental ‘Oceans of Grace’ and the mystical light and space produce by ‘The Omaha Tribal Prayer’. From there it’s but a short step to excellent versions of a Johnny Horton ‘saga song’ ‘Streets of Dodge’ and a new take on Blind Willie McTell’s ‘Delia’ – here’s a young guy that certainly knows how to deliver an emotive lyric. The standout track for me is ‘A New Dawn Breaking (in 1909)’ with its drifting, wandering style and faintly psychedelic overtones.

There’s a lot of depth to ‘The Dreamer’s Eye’ and as Kyle states: “It’s not a gospel record, nor is it exclusively Christian but simply a product that reflects his journey with Christianity.” That may be but it’s also a solid musical articulation of one man’s view that you’ll enjoy sharing – and one that deserves attention.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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