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Kristy Gallacher’s second studio album ‘Spinning Plates’

(May 04, 2012)

I’ll declare my partiality from the outset. I find Kristy Gallacher’s second studio album ‘Spinning Plates’ Kristy Gallachera complete and utter joy - there’s so much to listen to. From her rich-as-honey lyrics, through her silver-tongued vocals, to the charismatic melodies and luscious guitar breaks this album just keeps piling on the pleasure. Combine all the elements and they make this album of self-penned songs more than hard to ignore, it becomes one you should not miss.

From its opening chords ‘Quicksand’ pulls you into her sparkling style and immediately you notice her voice - a voice you'll love, and those delicious vocals continue into ‘Spinning Plates’. My personal passion for this album lies with the gorgeous ‘Fending Off The Frost’ – this is a superb vehicle for Kristy’s voice as she drifts her mellifluous tone around its potent melody. The sorrowful lyrics of ‘Annie Said’ tell a tough story as Kristy delivers their hard message with just the right level of reflective sadness.

Along with Kristy Gallacher (guitars, vocal, bass) the album features Karen Milne (drums) Ben Haines (percussion) Bradley Blackwell (double bass) Lisa Nowak (violin) and Dan Gascoigne (guitar, banjo) Kristy might hail from Coventry and reflect her English roots in her songs but you can also hear a distinct Americana essence that gives her music a superbly stimulating edge.

‘Spinning Plates’ is out on Kristy’s own independent record label, Broken Player Records

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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