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‘Halfmoon Fever’ from Rosary Beard

(May 27, 2012)

There’s an all-pervading sense of calm emanating from ‘Halfmoon Fever’ from Rosary Beard – and not so Halfmoon Fevermuch as a fever-raised temperature in sight. On the contrary, I would go so far to say that were you suffering in any way this album will provide the perfect panacea rather than augment the fever.

Comprising the superbly delicate yet entrancingly powerful musical meanderings of Hunter Sagehorn and Matthew Loiacono, the upstate New York duo Rosary Beard deliver lashings of string-driven aspiration, exploration and reflection. There’s bound to be part of your frenetic life that this album can soothe. From the deliciously sensual ‘Now The Day is Over’ through the enigmatic energy of ‘In Perfect Moments’ to the softly wistful ‘Sleep Baby Sleep’ this is an album of promise. Add to that the echoing depths of ‘Into Our Room’ and the hopeful solace of ‘All Perfect Light and Promises’ and you have an album that delivers sheer indulgence for your ears.

Hunter’s guitar and Matthew’s mandolin waft and weave with all the airy softness of moths on a sultry summer night and their intricacies will pull you softly and gently into this album’s embrace.

‘Halfmoon Fever’ is out on June 5, 2012.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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