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‘North of Nowhere’ from Wing and Hollow

(June 01, 2012)

If there’s a commodity called ‘gentle intensity’ then the duo Wing and Hollow deliver it in droves. They’ve released an EP called ‘North of Nowhere and it’s everything you’ve come to expect fromNorth of Nowhere husband-and-wife team, Haven and Jill Lamoureux – multi-layered, enticing strings and entreating, alluring vocals. This short collection of five songs is ultimately appealing, with a touch that engages your feelings and if you haven’t come across their work before this provides the appetiser you need.

They deliver a folky-rocky sound that’s faintly reminiscent of late 60’s America-folk, yet with a dynamic freshness. From the opener ‘Look Out Below’ you’re straight into a fluid, mellow world where Jill’s haunting, sometimes melancholic voice is pure pleasure. That enchantment continues through the reflective ‘Keep It In The Dark’ and the strength and hope of ‘You Are Not Alone’. And take note - as with their previous work theirlyrics deserve a careful listen. By contrast the more complex and rocky ‘Black as Blood’ builds a powerful presence through bass-driven punch, rippling guitars and slicing keyboard cuts.

Having re-listened to their debut album ‘Frozen Trees’ (first reviewed by FolkWords September 2011 - read here) and now this EP I have the distinct feeling that there’s far more to come from these guys.

Joining in with Haven and Gill on ‘North of Nowhere’ are Dorian Heartsong (drums, bass, percussion, mellotron) Jonathan Richards (upright bass) Joe Alcantar (mellotron) and Alex Howland (Hammond).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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