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‘Paper Flowers’ from Anna MacDonald

(June 22, 2012)

There’s something about ‘Paper Flowers’ from Anna MacDonald that makes this small collection of Paperflowers-EPsuperbly-delivered songs rather special. There’s soft, alluring fragility. There’s drive and depth. There are intricate arrangements. There are supremely engaging tones with a subtle lilt. Over and above all that, there is the sheer clarity and purity of Anna’s voice. In fact, the only downside is there are only five tracks to savour.

Should you be unfamiliar with Anna’s voice I’ll wager that from the EP’s eponymous, wistful opener ‘Paper Flowers’ with its sombre piano and anguished lyrics you’re pretty much hooked. Then there’s her stunning delivery of ‘Matty Groves’ (and no, not the proverbial Fairport version) which for me along with the haunting edge and evocative lyrics of ‘Glasgow Rain’ are the high spots of this wonderful work.

So the EP is breathtaking... when comes the album?

With Anna on ‘Paper Flowers’, there’s practically a ‘who’s who’ of contributing Scottish musicians – guitarist Graeme Stephen, Suzanne Houston, fiddler Mike Vass, piper and composer Fraser Fifield plus Brazilian-born Scot Mario Caribe.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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