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Sonnet Cottage and their debut album ‘Another Time’

(June 28, 2012)

Two otherworldly voices like reflections in the same mirror, slide delicately over the songs on ‘Another Time’. They create a fragile, sometimes unearthly soundscape that entices you into its melodicsonnetcottage harmony. This is Sonnet Cottage and their debut album ‘Another Time’. There’s the slightest suggestion of early, layered CSN-style ephemera floating around that sits well with the slightly whimsical ambience of the music and feels completely in place.

From the reflective realisation of ‘Letting it All Go’ through the understated pastoral naivety of ‘Most Unlikely’, the incipient longing of ‘Waiting For Summer’ to ‘Waterfront Park’ with its simple elegance, the sisters voices shimmer and dance around the melodies. There’s a slight, but welcome step change with ‘Trail of the Wind’ with its brass accents and more overtly stated percussive changes but still the voices blend into an elusive echo.

This is elegant American indie folk. It’s music for listening. Slip through its mellow narratives and find soothing sympathies to take you away from the hustle and bustle of life. And that in itself is the only downside – perhaps just a little too much of the same. Irrespective, Kent Heckaman writes undeniably pure lyrics around some carefully crafted tunes; the sisters’ voices do the rest.

Sonnet Cottage are sisters Rachel and Torey Russell (vocals) and Kent Heckaman (piano, keyboards) supporting them on ‘Another Time’ are a host of fine musicians and a plethora of instruments including drums, percussion, guitar, bass, cello, viola, harp, trumpet, flugelhorn, harmonica, flute, banjo, fiddle and bouzouki.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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