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‘Nature Recordings’ by Adam Leonard

(July 05, 2012)

Now here’s a joy and a wonder. ‘Nature Recordings’ by Adam Leonard, originally only issued on vinyl by the London-located label The Great Pop Supplement, gains a much-deserved lease of life on CDAdam Leonard through independent Manchester-based record label The Northwestern Series.

Anyone with any familiarity with alt-folk or electronic-folk will know Adam Leonard. His debut album 'How Music Sounds' was followed with EPs and mini-albums released through small labels. And following in their wake comes this CD - ‘Nature Recordings’. Incorporating elements of eccentric folk, psychedelia and perplexing (sometimes unsettling) electronic music, this carefully-crafted album is classic alternative British music. If you don’t have this in your collection you are missing something that’s simultaneously exceptional, intriguing and ground breaking.

You could describe this music as bizarre or perhaps ahead of its time. Perhaps more accurately described as idiosyncratic and distinctive, it tells its stories through a confluence of inspired lyrics and layered musical meanderings that carve a distinctive path. From the enigmatic ‘The Man Who Invented Himself’ with its lyrical twists and turns to the expansive, depths of the journey through ‘The Eighth Tower Parts i-iv’ this is an exploration you should make.

Joining Adam on the album are the talents of Pat Gubler and Steven Collins. The Northwestern Series CD comes as a hand-made and numbered, card-box edition of 300 units with artwork by Dom Cooper. You can (and should) find ‘Nature Recordings' at The Northwestern Series web site.

As if there were any doubt, The Northwestern Series is brought to you by Folk Police Recordings ... exponents of folk-without-a-safety-net. Congratualtions - another five-star job FPR.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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