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Ever Decreasing Circles’ from Juey

(July 05, 2012)

This is an album of sparkling simplicity intermingling stark beauty – Ever Decreasing Circles’ from Juey. This lady tells an engaging story, writes a fine tune and sings with unadulterated empathy for Jueyboth melody and lyric. There’s a little touch of country mixed with a smattering of bluegrass locked within her brand of acoustic folk – a combination that makes ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’ supremely listenable, and equally hard to sort into a defined box. And it’s that lack of definition that makes her tranquil songs eminently delightful.

The sombre, harmonica accented ‘Alone in Arizona’ with its eternal hope gives way to the quiet expectation of ‘Holding On For You’ while her touch on the strings makes the resignation of ‘Desire For More’ worth every second. From the other songs, there’s the laid-back searching of ‘One Question’, the deeply felt understanding of ‘Early Learning’ with its sorrowful narrative, ‘Serenity Song’ with its powerful acceptance of life’s vagaries and the deft comic touch of ‘Gin’.

All the songs on ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’ are written by Juey, who, as well as vocals, handles guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin and foot stomp. Self-released on Swan Country Records you can find ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’ on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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