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‘The Beloved Country’ by singer-songwriter Kevin Brown

(July 11, 2012)

Just listened to ‘The Beloved Country’ by singer-songwriter Kevin Brown and I’m here to tell you it’s a The Beloved Countrysubtle blend of perfect melodies, understated powerful storytelling songs delivered with warm as honey vocals. There’s a long-distance feel to this music - exploration, voyaging, travelling – and it offers an easy acceptance that makes you want to pack an old well-loved bag, and join in the road trip.

The wealth of narrative in Kevin’s lyrics will take you with them as they chart their course. There’s the winding chronicle of emotions hidden within the lyric of ‘Ocean’, the jazz influenced, piano-bejewelled storyline of ‘I Wonder’, the timeless, laid back, experience-generated understanding of ‘The Slow Ones’ and the powerful intensity of feeling held inside ‘Northeast of Eden (Fallen Snow)’ with its driving guitar breaks. To find a song to touch your heart then go no further than the achingly beautiful poetry of ‘St. Valentine’s Day’ while the sad reflections of ‘Hands of Time’ relates a singular view on the unforgiving roads of time.

Kevin Brown writes memorable melodies and connects them to discerning narratives. He explores enticing harmonious journeys and the more I hear his music the more I want to join the tour.

Playing alongside Kevin Brown (guitar, mandolin, vocals) on ‘The Beloved Country’ are the undoubted talents of Andrew Wilson (fiddle, harmony vocals) Eugene Jablonsky (electric and acoustic bass, harmony vocals) Brent Edstrom (piano) Dru Heller (drums) Eric ‘Dex’ Olson (electric guitar, harmony vocals) Duane Becker (pedal steel) Charlie Gurche (banjo, harmony vocals) Joan Brown (harmony vocals) Caleb Brown (alto sax).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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