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‘Thirteen Moons’ from Alycea and The X Isles

(August 15, 2012)

No matter how hard you try, fusing an amalgam of styles and sounds the venture is fraught with the Thirteen Moonspotential for disaster. Every now and then you get a mish-mash of sounds that refuse to hang together, at times the interplay between musicians fails to work and sometimes the combination is more ‘forced’ than ‘natural’.

Then again, occasionally you get a mix like that on Thirteen Moons’ from Alycea and The X Isles - and it all comes together and works to perfection.

The blend is effortless, the interplay instinctive and the music fits together without a seam in sight. The American folk vein is strong throughout – no doubting where this originates, however, the blend pulls in ethnic folk, rock, blues and roots influences and styles and forges an intuitive, intrinsic entity. From the gentle opening of ‘By My Side’ with its tiers of sound, through the fiddle accented ‘Second Avenue’ and the pulsating rhythms of ‘We Are One’ to the jangly guitars and rocky exuberance of ‘Steal Your Days’ this is an album to raise the spirit. For me the stand out track is ‘Let The Rain Fall’  - and believe me you'll love it.

‘Thirteen Moons’ releases on 21 September 2012 - The International Day of Peace. Listening to this integrated music for me that’s a totally appropriate date.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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