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‘Road Songs for the Restless’ - Christopher Lockett

(August 17, 2012)

‘If you’ve got it flaunt it’. True to that aphorism Christopher Lockett’s voicehas ‘it’ and he displays ‘it’ Roadsongs for the restless with style on his album ‘Road Songs for the Restless’. There's emotive songs, catchy melodies and above all that voice - rich and mellow, blending the oak-aged depth of a fine whisky with the latent power of a big-block engine and a quality that ranges from moody to passionate - you simply have to listen.

This album is a collection of reminiscences, reflections and personal stories. The opener ‘Love The Size Of California’ sweeps in with its superb keyboard-driven melody and piercing lyrics: “The desert waits for rain ‘cause that’s what deserts do” – simple but superb. Undiluted power pulses through the depth of feeling encapsulated in ‘My Father’s Son’ with sonorous vocals and atmospheric guitar cuts, while the gentle reflection of ‘Summer Of Our Lives’ hits home with an essential truth. For lovers of sombre, cautionary narrative there’s ‘Blood In The Sand’ complete with haunting, soaring musical saw.  And just for the sake of difference there’s a set of instrumentals - gutsy blues-rock harmonica on ‘Buttermilk Bottom’, the elegant, energetic, smile-raising percussion of ‘Djeguena’ and ‘Bamako By Bus’ and the delicate interplay of strings and percussion on ‘Blackberry Chutney’.

‘Road Songs for the Restless’ is an album I am willing to bet the ‘restless’ among us will identify with - every word and every note - and those delicious harmonies that weave around Christopher's voice, deftly delivered by Natalie Myers. I will listen to this for a long, long time.

On ‘Road Songs for the Restless’ Christopher Lockett wrote all the songs, handles vocals and plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, djembe, tablas, jaw harp, Appalachian dulcimer, banjitar, kalimba, tongue drum and various other percussion. The musicians joining Christopher on the album are: Mona Tavakoli (djembe, cajon, percussion) Becky Gebhardt (bass) Natalie Myers (vocals) Marc Doten (Hammond B3) Craig Ferguson (pedal and lap steel) Voyce McGinley III (djembe, percussion) Shaun Paul Gordon (acoustic and electric guitar) Sean Gould (mandolin) Edie Murphy (fiddle) Gee Rabe (accordion) and Irina Bjorklund (musical saw).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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