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‘Light In The Darkest Corners’ - Lorraine McCauley and The Borderlands

(September 02, 2012)

From time to time a singer-songwriter comes along that takes a slice of the folk music pie, adds Darkest Cornerspiquancy and creates a distinctly unique flavour of their own. Sometimes those individuals surround themselves with musicians that then take the creation and augment it. One of those singer-songwriters is Lorraine McCauley, and along with her band The Borderlands, they have made their debut album ‘Light In The Darkest Corners’ nothing short of a delectable treat for your ears.

Lorraine's songs are profoundly moving poetry with inspired melodies and intricate strings that combine into an overall effect that quite simply makes you sit up and take notice. From the slightly foreboding and cautionary tones of the title track ‘Light In The Darkest Corners’ with its writhing strings, through the achingly beautiful ‘Big Love’ built around a supremely catchy melody, to the spectral meanderings of ‘Goddess’ this is a collection of deeply thought out and lovingly performed songs. The acute perception of ‘What If’ offers a gentle reflection of forging relationships, while by contrast the inherent strength of ‘Belong’ and the unsettling intensity of ‘Final Call’ will nail you to your seat.

This is an album that will stay with you for a long time after the last note fades. Release date is 15 October 2012 catalogue LMC12CD distributed by Proper Music Distribution.

On ‘Light In The Darkest Corners’ the songs are written by Lorraine McCauley and arranged by Lorraine (vocals, acoustic guitar) and The Borderlands who are Jonathan Duggan (accordion, glockenspiel, backing vocals) Nicky Jenkins (fiddle, mandolin, viola) and Billy Hamilton (cello). Guest musicians on the album are Dervish Capkiner (drums, percussion) Callum McIntyre drums, percussion) and Maxwell The Miller (Theremin).

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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