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Tim Graham and Rose Lippard - traditional British songs

(September 09, 2012)

Tim Graham and Rose Lippard have recorded an eponymous EP of traditional British songs and the Tim Graham highest praise I can give it is it leaves you begging for more. The magical calibre of Tim’s accomplished touch on the guitar and the natural simplicity of Rose’s archetypal 'folk vocal' is a rare and treasured combination – especially if you like your folk pure and unadorned.

There’s a palpable energy between musician and vocalist that quite simply takes the tradition further on its journey. From the ancient, ghost-telling Irish ballad of ‘Polly Vaughn’ (severally known under other names including Molly Bond) with its sparkling vocal and intricate strings, to the mournful searching tones of a individual take on the English murder-ballad ‘Lankin’ (well known as Long Lankin) this EP is a small nugget of traditional folk.

The EP only offers four tracks but it’s worth every penny, and if it turns out to be a ‘taster’ for an album that must follow (please) then it’s the perfect appetiser.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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