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‘Session A9’ from Session A9

(September 10, 2012)

‘Session A9’ from Session A9 – originally Charlie McKerron’s album project - presents a significant  Session A9 hrslice of folk served up by a selection of highly accomplished musicians. The mix includes a quartet of fiddles that are equally at home wandering with consummate ease across placid paths or driving down a freeway of sound with a blast of supercharged energy. Add intricately placed mandolin breaks, keyboards, accordion cuts and snap-perfect percussion and you have the energy encapsulated in ‘Session A9’.

The infectious tunes will engender in you a desperate need to dance. From the ‘Wedding Polkas’ set that leads you in quietly enough but soon drags you to the floor, through the highly engaging Eastern edge applied to ‘The Bellydancer’ to the compulsive energy in ‘Lady Montgomery’ and ‘Miller of Dron’. There is something fascinating here that’s sure to beguile anyone to try a step or two.

The band also parade their musical abilities as they deliver a selection of songs through Marc Clement’s spot-on vocals – there’s the entrancing presence of ‘Dig A Little Well for Zoe’ plus excellent covers of Jackson Brown’s ‘These Days’ featuring delicious mandolin, while their lovingly-crafted revelation of John Martyn’s possibly-autobiographical ‘One For The Road’ strikes just the right tone.

From the first time I heard ‘Session A9’ I just kept coming back to this album – and I think you will too.

Session A9 are Charlie McKerron (fiddle, backing vocal) Gordon Gunn (fiddle, mandolin, backing vocal) Adam Sutherland (fiddle, backing vocal) and Kevin Henderson (fiddle, backing vocal) Marc Clement (guitar, lead vocal), Brian McAlpine (piano, accordion, backing vocal) and David “Chimp” Robertson (percussion).  The album is due for release in October 2012 on RAJ Records  - catalogue RAJCD005.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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