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‘Once Upon An Olive Branch’ from Maeve MacKinnon

(September 17, 2012)

Maeve MacKinnon, she of the magical, striking voice, has a new album coming out in October 2012 – called ‘Once Upon An Olive Branch’ it is a spirited collection of stunningly attractive songs that will captivate your soul and seduce your ears. Singing in Gaelic and English she weaves her vocals around melodies delivered by Innes Watson, Angus Lyon, Signy Jacobsdottir, James Lindsay and Fraser Fifield.

The album is from start to finish an enchantment of epic proportions that will weave its spell to linger long after the last note fades. There’s so much to enjoy - the tradition of singing to a parting delivered to perfection through ‘Kind Friends and Companions’, the cherished touch of mythology given life with ‘Fionnghuala’ complete with spirited edge and punchy beat. There’s the hypnotic and fragile ‘The Olive Branch’ complete with understated sax breaks and also Maeve’s purely breathtaking unaccompanied version of ‘She Moved Through the Fair’ – surely a song to savour.

The delicate, intricate and inspiring musicianship on this album builds a remarkable structure to support the intensity of Maeve’s vocals. ‘Once Upon An Olive Branch’ will resonate across the folk music for some considerable time.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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