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‘Love’s Truck Stop’ by Matraca Berg

(September 21, 2012)

Anytime you want to listen to mournful, thought-provoking songs with more than a little presence andLoves Truck Stop a cartload of emotion locked in every single one then take time to get to know the music of Matraca Berg. And there’s no better way to do that than through her new album ‘Love’s Truck Stop’. There’s no doubt these songs are a product of careful observation. They are one lady’s idiosyncratic view of the human condition - outrage, harm, desperation and resignation tinged with a stark refusal to accept fate’s elusive answers.

Listen to ‘Her Name is Mary’ – it’s a song that touches a nerve in a way we all understand. And it’s not alone. This is an album of songs that cut deep. There’s the lingering truth and hidden power contained in ‘Foolish Flower’ and ‘We’re Already Gone’, the pervading sadness of ‘Magdalene’ and forthright in its recognition of living through the desperate loss of love ‘My Heart Will Never Break This Way Again’.

Matraca Berg owns one of those voices that exudes raw emotion and ‘Love’s Truck Stop’ is a perfect vehicle for her to unleash its power across 11 absorbing tracks. These are not ‘listen and forget’ songs, these are ‘listen and carry with you for a long time’ songs – and that’s the truth. ‘Love’s Truck Stop’ releases on 22 October 2012 on Proper Records with a UK tour in November 2012.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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