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‘I Love the Noise it Makes’ the first solo vocal album from Irish musician Declan Sinnott

(September 25, 2012)

Declan SinnottThere’s a reflective warmth that emanates from ‘I Love the Noise it Makes’ the first solo vocal album from Irish musician Declan Sinnott. From the co-founding of Celtic folk rock band Horslips to involvement with Moving Hearts, through working with Mary Black and Christy Moore, Declan has carved a singular path through Irish music. Now in 2012 (much to the delight of many fans) he has released ‘I Love the Noise it Makes’ – and it is unquestionably inspired.

Comprising primarily original songs by Declan written in partnership with Owen O'Brien, ‘I Love the Noise it Makes’ delivers in abundance. From the laid back relaxation of ‘Sun Shine In’ that bids you to unwind and chill out, through the delicate melody and moving lyrics of ‘Blood Is Rushing Through These Veins’ to the deeply entrancing ‘I See The World From Here’ this album is both tantalising and engrossing. There’s a redolence of 60’s West Coast floating around the feelings of loss and sadness in ‘Me And My Dark Companion’ with its inspired guitar work and insistent melody. And on the subject of guitar and melody ‘Ghost’ and ‘Broken Glass’ both take some beating.

That Declan and Owen are fine musicians is beyond doubt, their abilities as songwriters follows suit. Add the enchantment of Declan’s vocals that lift their songs to a somewhere breathtaking and you have the ingredients that make this album wholly engaging with songs that continually give you more each time you listen.

Need peace for your inner-self? Wrap ‘I Love The Noise It Makes’ around you. This is a 'noise' made by a man who has walked the roads and relates their experiences through his music ... you will want to share.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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