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'Cold Wind Blowing' from KC Barber

(September 27, 2012)

No doubt about it, K C Barber writes songs that deliver a message. On his album 'Cold Wind Blowing' each one has its own particular presence, an attention-grabbing theme and relates a different powerful kcbarberstory. The command of these songs is quite uncanny, doubly so because they are delivered through K C’s rich, relaxed vocals and then the significance hits you between the eyes.  Listen to the Americana-driven ‘The Preacher & Becky Schaefer’ - it is quite simply terrifying. You know exactly what’s coming yet you feel compelled to listen; strong stuff. And then there’s ‘Bluebirds’ with its cautionary warning about finding out that life is filled with regret and hard decisions have to be taken.

The intensity cracks on through the intense strings and piercing lyrics of ‘Moses and Lucifer’ with its modern-day take on an old story. Nothing less is there with ‘Broken Little Man’, predictable enough in its theme, but still a fine song. And maintaining the ‘song with a twist’ approach there’s ‘Tony and The Devil’ if this doesn’t make you think about the life you lead, then you’re probably too far gone for redemption. The closing track ‘Cold Wind Blowing’ takes another dance in Americana with its iconic guitar and its hellfire vocals.

These songs may not change anyone’s view of the world but they will sure as hell make some people think for a few moments and possibly alter perceptions. 'Cold Wind Blowing' is an album that’s worth taking some time to absorb, because its message grows stronger each time you decide to join K C in his thoughtful songs.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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