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Jaime Leopold & The Short Stories

(October 03, 2012)

JaimeFrom the moment this album opened I felt on home ground with Jaime Leopold & The Short Stories. There’s a well-worn, easy-going familiarity about the songs, the singer and the delivery. Perhaps it’s that edge of Americana folk, embellished with a touch of country, then seasoned with a slice of blues-tinged longing. Whatever it is, this is music that breathes life. It's chock-full of history and incident. This is expression that’s built on a range of foundations - musical, life, experience and just being there.

Along with Jaime on guitar, bass and vocals are Aaron Lowe (harp) Walter Cryderman (guitar, mandolin, vocals). Also contributing are Sid Page (violin) Clark Salisbury (ukelele) Jason Wells (guitar, trumpet) and Lisa Berkson Platt (vocals) - together they tell tales of veracity with candour and a certain dedication to pure fiction.

All the songs come from the pen of Jaime and include the resignation of ‘My Rebel Days‘, the belief of salvation in ‘I Threw My Hat Up To The Stars’ and the personal secrets of ‘In The Land of Muscle Cars’ – each tells its story just as you would expect. Me, I loved ‘Take A Trip Downtown’ with its life-changing expectations and the finely told tale of ultimately failed expectations in ‘Johnny Damn The Consequence’.

The stories Jaime recounts are not sweetness and light. They can be tough tales. Exploring their themes means hearing some sad narratives. Do it anyway. This is music to explore and enjoy.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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