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‘The Traveller’s Journey’ from Kyle Fosburgh

(October 17, 2012)

Anyone that doubts the capacity of a single steel-stringed acoustic guitar to tell myriad stories and travellers journeyconvey countless moods should listen to ‘The Traveller’s Journey’ from Kyle Fosburgh. It’s just man and guitar (or more accurately guitars) treating the listener to some superb picking patterns and some of the most languid, tantalising and thoroughly outstanding guitar work I’ve heard in a while – simple as that.

The album breaks with a short piece called ‘Fandango’ that takes you straight into what Kyle has achieved with ‘The Traveller’s Journey’, from there he leads you into the enigmatic s depths of ‘The Redwoods’ and over the soaring mysteries of the high peaks with ‘Journey Over Mountains’. Another gentle yet haunting track ‘The Dawning’ is followed by the quirky expression of strings that form ‘The Peddler’ and then comes a superb piece ‘The Ships Are Sailing Out’ full of presence and energy it is what the solo acoustic guitar is all about. There are 12 different tracks to savour and I suggest that you should.

It’s often said that a musician can make an instrument ‘speak’. Kyle makes his guitars tell wide and expansive stories. The more you listen the more ‘The Traveller’s Journey’ reflects one man’s interpretation of travelling, both physical and emotional. And increasingly you find yourself alongside him on those journeys.

‘The Traveller’s Journey’ is out on Grass-Tops Recording on 1 November 2012

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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