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‘Good Feeling’ from Paul Carrack

(October 28, 2012)

As Foghorn Leghorn might say…”How long, n-n-now, I said, how long has this been going on?” Well, Paul Carrack - Good feelingabout forty years according to his illustrious recording career and as Mr Paul Carrack just happens to possess one of the most soulful voices we as a nation have come to embrace over that time it can be safely assumed he’s hardly put a foot wrong musically speaking.

With a catalogue of some fourteen solo albums to his credit this unassuming Sheffield born singer songwriter has produced ‘Good Feeling’ - a CD studded with gems. Keeping the interest of your audience with soul tinged delights such as ‘I Can Hear Ray’ to the bright and breezy, radio friendly ‘When My Little Girl Is Smiling’ here’s an artist who certainly knows how to cast his net as wide as possible securing a good catch without pigeon-holing his music as some kind of elitist ‘art’.

On ‘Make It Right’ he is happy to share the stage with brothers Alex and Rolf Tinlin whose use of mandolin and guitar creates a disconcertingly chorded yet aesthetically pleasing ‘folk’ sound whilst the title track ‘Good Feelin’ About It’ should attract any listeners who enjoy a bit of blues harmonica for good measure.

It’s rare to find an artist happy to encompass as wide a demographic as possible safe in the knowledge that he has done so with aplomb and a longevity that many other performers could only dream of. Catalogue: Carrack-UK PCARCD21.

Reviewer: Pete Fyfe

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