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‘To The Horizon, Sir’ from Iain Morrison is an album of soft seduction

(October 30, 2012)

From its instantly engaging breathy vocals to its hauntingly attractive melodies To The Horizon, Sir’ from Iain Morrison is an album of soft seduction. The overriding impression is Iain’s distinct, slightly IainM CDcover Horizon-1downcast yet resolutely potent voice moving through songs that range across melancholic and triumphant emotional landscapes. Listen and become enthralled as they soar from the heights of expectation and hope to plumb the depths of forlorn despondency.

Songs and voice combine to drive home their message - ‘Homeward’ has a melody to die for and an achingly precise lyric, then the driving presence of ‘Dear Goose’ an takes over before the unperturbed almost laconic ‘Lost Within The Archipelago’ slides into being. There’s a lonesome, somewhat fragility to Iain’s songs that creates both a stark beauty and a tearful longing. The haunting sonorous arrangement of ‘Psalm’ has film soundtrack written all over it – how long before someone selects? Not long I think. By contrast the simple, gentle edge to ‘Little Colt’ delivers intensely personal touch, while the title track ‘To The Horizon, Sir’ filled with incipient anxiety quite simply cuts like a knife as its compelling power pours out.

Iain (vocals, guitar, harmonium) is joined on the album by Michael Chorney (guitar) Robinson Morse (double bass) Geza Carr (drums) Pete Harvey (cello) Seamus O’Donnell (drums) and Ross Hamilton (bass).

‘To The Horizon, Sir’ releases on Iain’s own label on 5 November 2012 - Catalogue: Peatfire 005 - Distributed by Proper Distribution.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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