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‘Shade Of The Shadows’ from Tinlin

(November 08, 2012)

Reminiscent of the days when rhythm mandolin was king within the ranks of Lindisfarne (performed by Ray Jackson) Tinlin utilise the double-strung counter-part of the guitar to enhance their rich ‘folky’ tinlinsound on ‘Shade Of The Shadows’ - an album that will gently seduce the listener. In fact, brothers Rolf and Alex Tinlin are to be complimented on their choice of acoustic-based instrumentation with generous use of nylon-strung guitar, keyboards with percussion courtesy of Jack Carrack, Eleanor Tinlin on cor anglais and oboe, and Stephanie Bloor’s cello.

Now, I know that comparisons can be odious but several artists including Cat Stevens, Gilbert O’Sullivan and the trio America also spring to mind as a (hopefully helpful) guide to the duo’s musical demographic. As you will notice, those are artists who have excellent credentials within the field of song-writing and I’m pleased to say that Tinlin come within that remit.

Take for instance the (more or less) opening track ‘In These Arms’ where a sense of guilt and selfishness is exposed like a Catholic attending confession. Now, I’ve always found it slightly difficult to listen to lyrics that don’t scan easily and even less ones that don’t rhyme but with perseverance and a ‘needs must’ I found this album a rewarding and enriching experience and I’m sure you will too.

The duo’s music may not be in your face or for that matter an easily branded genre but if you gain enjoyment from listening to well crafted songs that require you to ‘think’ I couldn’t recommend this album more highly. As the lyrics weren’t included with the CD I had to contact the brothers to ask them to send me them to me and, as it happens I’m glad they did as it helps to soak up the atmosphere of the recording even more.

Reviewer: Pete Fyfe

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