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‘Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations’ from ‘free raga style’ guitar player Rich Osborn

(November 09, 2012)

The truly wonderful aspect of this occupation is from time to time something uniquely wonderful drops Giving Voicethrough the letterbox and I find myself intrigued and enchanted. The latest offering Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations’ came from ‘free raga style’ guitar player (his words not mine) Rich Osborn. Soaking up inspiration from layers of classical music from Eastern and Western persuasion plus a plethora of folk and world traditions, Rich has created an album of guitar music that quite simply surrounds and soothes.

Rich studied and performed with acoustic guitar trailblazer Robbie Basho in the early 1970′s, and after a long and sometimes tough trail trough injury and recovery he has released, ‘Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations’. With this album he returns to an open, free-ranging style of acoustic guitar improvisation and innovation. Rich’s guitar takes you through elation, desolation, community, isolation, old times and new, with each tune guiding the listener through a communication and channelling of thought and understanding. From the evocative dreamscape of ‘The Meeting Pool at Moonrise’ through the joyfulness of ‘Joelle’s Song’ to the latent power that rises through ‘The View From San Damiano with Rain’ this is a collection of guitar-wonderment.

This is music for ‘relaxation, awe and reverence’. Settle down and listen to a master at work.

Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations’ is now available from Rich's website: and at CDBaby and other major outlets.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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