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Grandma’s Rules for Drinking’ from Annie Lou - blending old-time folk with individuality and originality

(November 14, 2012)

Music evokes emotions, stories, people and places - that much is true. Often the strength of that Annie Loufeeling depends on where you hear the songs and who you’re with. Then again, some music always conjures up its original roots wherever you may hear it. ‘Grandma’s Rules for Drinking’ from Annie Lou does exactly that, blending old-time folk with a touch of independent northern individuality and originality to create pure ‘wilderness music’ that reminds you of untamed mountains and feral woods.

From the infectious exuberance of ‘Plaid Parade’ (try to keep your feet still) through the reflective acceptance of ‘On The Main Drag’ to the age-old but pertinent advice of ‘Grandma’s Rules for Drinking’ these are songs with a staunch message. Lovingly crafted tunes vie for attention - the multi-layered ‘Long’s March Home’ and ‘Belvedere Hotel’ plus the gentle reflection of ‘Days Gone By’. And for the good of your spirit there’s the starkly exquisite ‘Winter Song’.

Mixing solid story-telling skills with consumate musicianship, the writing talents of Anne Louise Genest create old time music that’s as fresh as tomorrow morning’s sunrise. Feeding off the rugged individuality of her years spent in Yukon woods and the traditions forged through the endeavours of the old narrative songsters to produce a powerful potion.

Annie Lou the band is Anne Louise Genest (lead vocals, guitar, banjo) Kim Barlow (banjo, vocals) John Showman (fiddle) Max Heineman (upright bass) Frank Evans (banjo) Kristin Cavoukian (harmony vocals) and Andrew Collins (mandolin, guitar).

Should you want to treat yourself to a slice of Canadian-driven old-time folk, and I suggest that you do, then visit Annie Lou’s website:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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