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‘Open The Door For Three’ from Realta

(November 25, 2012)

Now here’s a trio not in any rush to show how fast or flashy they can play. No, by taking things at a Realtaleisurely pace on ‘Open The Door For Three’ they just let the goodness of the tunes seep into your skin in such a way that you’ll think Realta might have connections with the Swan/Cullen characters from the Twilight series.

Another analogy might be that they were chiselled out of the bones of Martin Hayes and for those of you that know that remarkable musician will testify to the thrill of the chase and not necessarily the capture. Featuring the talents of Aaron O’Hagan (Uilleann pipes, whistles and bodhran), Conor Lamb (Uilleann pipes and whistles) and the equally dextrous Deirdre Galway (guitar, bouzouki and vocals) I feel sure that we have the 2012 equivalent of the Bothy Band.

When they are used, the combination of twin pipes and whistles (in unison or harmony) prove quite stunning buoyed by O’Hagan’s pulsating rhythm and occasional contributions from guests Brendan Mulholland’s flute and Micky McCluskey’s bouzouki. ‘Open The Door For Three’ is to be applauded for its beauty, integrity and like the scent of an expensive Chanel perfume will (hopefully) last until your next fix. Well, what are you waiting for…Christmas is just around the corner.

Reviewer: Pete Fyfe

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