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'Kings' from singer songwriter Sukh

(December 11, 2012)

I suppose it depends on how wide you cast the ‘folk net’ and how coarse its thread as to what you find inside it. Well, whether you take a wide throw or not there’s a definite place for Manchester-based Sukhsinger songwriter Sukh and his album ‘Kings’. This album is an eclectic mix of pop-tinged, folk that you could equally place today or forty years ago, or in these islands or across the Atlantic. The songs amble comfortably between ethereal hard-to-pin-down meanderings and precise perceptive records of reflection and sadness.

Not so much a distinctive voice, Sukh has a voice that fits the themes and influences of his songs. Along with his take on guitar tuning these are songs that need a couple of listens to engage fully but once they do ‘Kings’ is distinctly listenable. There’s also the talents of some fine musicians joining Sukh on the album. What you’re listening to are intriguing melodies that carry one man’s views on life and personal experience plus that same man’s rather clinical and objective expression of wider influences.

Stand out tracks are the slightly wistful piano-driven opening of ‘Arisen’ the space and light contained in the multi-layered ‘To The Lighthouse’, the evocative memories sparked by ‘Clear Horizon’ and the faintly psych-folk feeling present in ‘Den’. Sukh also delves through the rocky edges of folk with ‘Chair’ and ‘Just What I Thought’. And should you find your ‘folk net’ stretches to a copy of ‘Kings’ I don't think you'll regret the catch.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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