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Flight’ from Trout Steak Revival - thoroughly listenable

(January 07, 2013)

Americana, Mid-West mountain-music, folk-based country, rocky-grass ... or any other combination of acoustic roots music definitions you want to fling together could describe the inspired sound of ‘Flight’ from Trout Steak Revival. FlightWhat you actually get is a mix of self-penned and traditional high-energy guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and guitar-driven well written songs laced with lovingly-layered harmonies.

From the spontaneous dynamism of ‘Blackjack Supper Club’ through the musical intricacies and sharp-edged lyrics of ‘Where Do My Bluebird Fly’ to the toe-tapping sparkle of ‘Greasy Coat’ this is a treat of driving-and-dancing music that will drag you from your chair or inspire you to tap out the ‘steering wheel accompaniment’. The mix of traditional music augmented by individual, original songwriting that's somewhere above much bluegrass-influenced American folk music. There’s an edge to the musicianship that takes Trout Steak Revival out of the ‘also-rans’ and makes this album thoroughly listenable.

As well as arranging tradition, each band member takes a hand at writing and there’s not a weak link anywhere. To name-check a few, songs don’t come much more poignant than Steven Foltz’s ‘Spinning Wheel’ and the delicious fiddle-led lyrics of ‘Old Tin Box’ penned by Bevin Foley, while Travis McNamara turns out a touching mournful tune with ‘Ashes To Ashes’.

Listen once and you’ll want to hear it again. Find it here:  ... and once its finished I know you'll hit 'replay' time after time.

Trout Steak Revival is Steven Foltz (guitar, mandolin) Bevin Foley (fiddle)  William Koster (guitar, dobro) Travis McNamara (banjo, piano) and Casey Houlihan (upright bass).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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