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‘Under the Borrowed Moon’ from The Mascot Theory – whipping up a storm

(January 15, 2013)

‘Under The Borrowed Moon’ from The Mascot Theory offers a full-fat, high-energy dose of Americana-themascottheorytinged, folk-country rock with lyrics shaped around rousing rhymes and tough themes. This is an album that will remain with you long after the last echoes fade away. From the guitar-jangling Homeric opener ‘Asphodel Meadows’ through the punch of ‘Up In Smoke Down In Flames’ with its acidic lyrics, to the equally biting observation of ‘Time To Move On’ there’s passion, depth, reflection and accusation working across a spread of influences – this is certain to make you sit up and listen.

Highlights include the emotional questioning of ‘Part-Time Valentine’ as it builds across an intricate guitar and percussion duel; while sparring interplay between the musicians continues through ‘Like Babel Coming Down’. There’s a step change with ‘Everything Left To Lose’ – more self-focused and introspective with its straight-to-the-point lyrics and then they take you away again with some unadulterated folk-country rock toe-tapping through ‘All Because of You’.

The electric guitar swerves around the rock-solid bass and drums through age-old yet contemporary styles while incisive harmonica, fiddle and mandolin cuts add attraction throughout. Singer-songwriter Erik Kjelland and The Mascot Theory have whipped up a storm with their debut album - so I suggest you ride the maelstrom.

The Mascot Theory are Erik Kjelland(lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica) Nick Fry(upright bass, vocals) Adam White(electric guitar, vocals) and Paul Metz(drums, percussion, vocals) alongside them on ‘Under The Borrowed Moon’ are Mark Oberfoell(steel guitar, banjo, mandolin) Art Ranney(mandolin) and Kenny Leiser(violin, fiddle).

 Reviewer: Tom Franks

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