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‘Angels Without Wings’ from Heidi Talbot - carving out a path straight to your heart

(January 16, 2013)

 Heidi Talbot released ‘Angels Without Wings’ an album of original compositions featuring  contributions from some outstanding musicians including Mark Knopfler, Kenny Anderson, ‘Angels Without Wings’Jerry Douglas, Tim O’Brien, Karine Polwart, Louis Abbott and Julie Fowlis to name but a few. There’s a mix songs on ‘Angels Without Wings’ that engages from first to last and you will love it. The tunes come from the talent of renowned English singer-songwriter, Boo Hewerdine, Heidi herself plus additional material from multi-instrumentalist John McCusker.

With their breathy fragility, Heidi’s vocals often belie the depth and presence bound within. The mix and spread of songs take you from the depths of tradition to the edge of contemporary through the warmth of a waltz to the pulse of Americana. All the tracks on this album are quite capable of carving out a path straight to your heart. That makes it so hard to select favourites. There’s the soft sentiment of the title track ‘Angels Without Wings’ with its mournful accordion. There’s ‘Wine and Roses’ which is nothing short of pure beauty – lyrics, harmonies and melody to die for while Heidi’s voice is just perfect – if this doesn’t move you, you’re incapable of feeling.

The down-to-earth string-driven essence of ‘The Loneliest’, a heart-tugging duet with Louis Abbott and piercingly enchanting flute accents from Michael McGoldrick, sits flawlessly alongside the tempting power of ‘New Cajun Waltz’. Heidi’s vocals add a desperate longing and sense of heart-rending absence to Boo Hewerdine’s Americana-influenced ‘When The Roses Come Again' featuring Mark Knopfler and a delicious duet with Tim O’Brien, while her song ‘Will I Ever Get to Sleep‘ is a subtle amalgamation of layered sound that grows in stature each time you hear it.

 ‘Angels Without Wings’ was recorded live in Glasgow’s Gorbals Sound Studios with Heidi’s regular bandmates Ian Carr (guitars), Phil Cunningham (accordion), Michael McGoldrick (flutes/whistles), James Mackintosh (percussion), Boo Hewerdine (acoustic guitar) and Ewan Vernal (bass). 

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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