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‘Beauty In Chaos’ from Fay & Latta – ‘sensuous vocals and absorbing lyrics’

(January 18, 2013)

There’s an emotive voice (belonging to Anneka Latta) and memorable melodies at the heart of the duo Fay & Latta, which on their albumBeauty In Chaos’ weaves music and lyrics into a sensuous web draped across soaring, beauty in chaosatmospheric sounds. They call themselves an acoustic duo - that’s mainly accurate - but they also cut loose with some precisely-placed programming to generate tantalising depths.

The opening track ‘Stars Don’t Shine’ pretty much sets the scene, it introduces Anneka’s touching, longing vocals ranging over a soaring soundscape of guitars and keyboards provided by Tom Fay and friends. The inclusion of scintillating violin breaks from ELO violinist Mik Kaminski on tracks such as the evocative ‘Sweet Surrender’ and themultilayered reach of ‘Hold On’ bring a dramatic touch of inventiveness.

Sensitive vocal touches add a sense of sadness to the gentle acoustic melody of ‘Steal You Away’, a reflective vein that continues through the soothing piano of ‘What’s The Verdict’ and the delicious charisma of ‘Because Of You’ with its haunting whistleinflections. The ‘Kaminski touch’ returns on ‘Inside Out’ as it perfectly reflects the more powerful edge of Anneka’s voice. I found the ‘mid-Atlantic’ tinge creeping into the vocals on ‘Don’t Cry For This City’ slightly disconcerting - somewhat incongruous but not catastrophic; while the title song ‘Beauty In Chaos’ placed at end the album is nothing short ofdazzling.

‘Beauty In Chaos’ delivers intense, distinctive songs with absorbing lyrics and memorable melodies that hold your concentration and leave you wanting more – and that’s everything you could ask for from an album.

Playing alongside Tom Fay (acoustic and electric guitars) and Anneka Latta (vocals, piano, and whistles) on ‘Beauty In Chaos’ are Richard Burns (bass guitar, programming) and Mik Kamininski (violin). To buy a copy of ‘Beauty In Chaos’ go to: - I think you'll enjoy it.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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