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‘Boat and I’ from Heg & The Wolf Chorus - choralesque, medieval-tinged vocals

(January 27, 2013)

Have you heard of Heg & The Wolf Chorus? If not, you’re going to, trust me. And if you want a quick Boat and I covertaster of their brand of drama-filled, atmospheric vocal explorations then listen to their new EP ‘Boat and I’. Beyond the initial quirky engagement, this EP definitely falls into the ‘grows on you’ category, for the more you listen the more you’re intrigued by their ‘choralesque’, medieval-tinged vocals and weird-folk story-telling style.

The title track ‘Boat and I’ is a perfect intro to the uniqueness offered by Heg & The Wolf Chorus. The layered vocals tell their strange spectral story over insistent strings and rhythmic drums. ‘Maiden’ follows suit, with its equally ethereal, faerie-world theme and legend-inspired lyrics. Their intricate ‘folk-chant’ vocals built on poetic mantras generate a trance-like attraction.

It’s just a shame that as you’re falling under its spell the two-track EP finishes. There’s a certain truth in the phrase ‘leave them wanting more’ but a couple of extra tracks could only serve to whet the appetite further rather than leaving you malnourished. You can always visit their website to hear extracts from their five-track EP ‘Cinders’ released in 2011 (and you should) but a few more tracks would not have gone amiss.

Heg & The Wolf Chorus is Heg Doughty (lead vocals, keyboard) Stephanie Taylor (backing vocals, percussion) Richie Dobson (backing vocals, percussion) Natalie Farr (backing vocals, percussion) and Anita Urgyan (additonal backing vocals, viola).

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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