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‘The Way Home’ from Dan Aston

(February 12, 2013)

Dan Aston hails from Cornwall, teaches guitar and writes songs. This may cause you to respond with Dan Aston‘so what’ – well I’ll let him tell you. In Dan’s words: “I have always had a love for folk music and some of my key musical influences lie with artists such as John Martyn, Nick Drake, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan ... also blending acoustic folk and heavy metal.” He goes on: “My musical influences are very diverse.” No really? I would never have guessed.

Replace sarcasm with astonishment, and don’t let the image of the tousle-haired youth confuse you. Dan writes accomplished, hook laden folk-pop ballads around guitar and harmonica. And what’s more he sings in an English accent not the much-abused mid-Atlantic drawl so readily adopted (and badly too) by many singer-songwriters who claim Dylan and others as influences – well done Dan. To judge his songs for yourself listen to his EP ‘The Way Home’.

His songs have some depth and it makes you wonder where a young man dredges up the ‘experience- source’ needed to feed songs like ‘Way Home’, ‘For You My Friend’ and ‘See You Again’. As a guitarist he clearly knows his way around his chosen instrument, the instrumental ‘Flight’ goes prove that. There’s occasionally a little touch of naievete in lyric construction but give the man a chance he’s going to develop into a writer of some stature.

That’s one of the joys of reviewing dare I say ‘raw’ talent. Sure, it often has a way to go but when it lives comfortably in the place where it lives, then it can only develop for the future. And that’s exactly what I expect from Dan Aston. And by the way, I’ve still got ‘The Other Side’ humming through my head.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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