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‘Transformed’ by Celtic band Goitse

(February 26, 2013)

‘Feel’ is an apt word to use when describing the Celtic band Goitse. From the opening track ‘Dowd’s Goitse - TransformedNo. 10’ featuring Alasdair Fraser’s ‘Valley Of The Moon’ into the gloriously up-lifting ‘Road To Malvern’ you can tell that here’s a band not scared to engage their listeners with no sense of guilt in appealing to the ‘entertainment’ aspect of their performance in much the same way as say De Dannan and Solas did before them.

On ‘Transformed’ they use an arsenal of instruments, including fiddle, glockenspiel, bodhran, guitars, banjo, mandolin, piano and piano accordion, plus vocals. The members of the band, Aine McGeeney, Colm Phelan, Conal O’Kane, James Harvey and Tadhg O’ Meachair have that impetuousness of youth that will hopefully last for a good few years.

With good, solid grounding in the tradition the tracks are liberally sprinkled with additional tunes from within their own ranks and the likes of Charlie Lennon and Jimmy Keane. A surprise to me was the inclusion of Finbar Magee’s excellent song ‘My Belfast Love’ (which I reviewed a while ago) where Aine is joined by guest vocalist David Curley…unassuming but delightful. With the production and mixing credits going to a certain Donal Lunny the album is already stamped with a certain gravitas not bestowed amongst bands of a similar ilk. Definitely a CD worth checking out; festival organisers please take note and find more here:

Reviewer: Pete Fyfe

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