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‘Behind the Door’ from acoustic duo Stonecraft

(March 04, 2013)

Slightly ethereal, threadlike folk whispering engaging tales through gentle vocals and inspired Stonecraftscintillating strings - that’s the new album ‘Behind the Door’ from acoustic duo Stonecraft. Their music reflects influences from deep-set roots that combine the essence of misty Welsh mountainss with olden echoes from Norway built on the expansive songwriting and musicianship of Andy Morgan (vocals, 6/12 string guitar, bass, bouzouki, cittern) and Viil Hov Fjose (vocals, guitar).  

There’s an elusive, otherworldly edge to their self-penned songs that echoes ancient Celtic inspirations and narratives yet at the same time their songs expound contemporary themes and messages. From the totally captivating opener ‘Deadbeat’ with its stark lyrics, through the haunting harmonies of ‘Secret World’ and the mysterious, faintly foreboding ‘The Raven’ to the bleak truth of ‘Simple Soul’ these songs craft readily understood narratives that connect on many levels.

As well as a highly memorable take on the Welsh folk song (Dacw 'nghariad) 'There's My Love' and the interweaving voices on 'From The Cold', there are two instrumentals to savour - 'North Sea Lights' with its crisp, clean strings and the pulsing, layered rhythmic intensity of 'Fading Embers'.

‘Behind the Door’ is Stonecraft’s third album and it’s certainly worth a place in anyone’s acoustic collection – you can find it here:

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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