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‘Tender Is The Night’ from Canadian singer-songwriter and banjo player, Chris Luedecke

(March 12, 2013)

‘Tender Is The Night’is the new album from Old Man Luedecke, the recording name of Canadian singer-songwriter and banjo player, Chris Luedecke. His songs reflect the traditional storytelling folk elements titn-coverof his adopted home in province of Nova Scotia but with an added idiosyncratic edge that’s evident in his singularly identifiable songs. These banjo-driven songs mix folk and bluegrass, with an eccentric supplement of pop-influenced melodies and hooks, add quirky lyrics to distinctive vocals and that adds up to an album of energy and intrigue.

Opening with the sharply-focused‘Kingdom Come’ through the moral-filled story of the hard-pressed hero of ‘Jonah & the Whale’ to the reflective humour of ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ these are stories with a message. Sliding easily from toe-tapping resilience, keen observation, witty evaluation to tender reflection, Luedecke writes lyrics that effortlessly hit the spot. The title track ‘Tender Is The Night’ tells an instantly-recognisable, hope-filled lonesome tale of travel and parting; while the laconic ‘A&W’ satirises the effects of those lost-soul bars on late-night patrons. And if you can’t identify with the lyrics and mournful fiddle cuts of ‘Can’t Count Tears in the Ocean’ then you haven’t lived.

‘Tender Is The Night’ offers a chance to delve into Luedecke’s sometimes irreverent, rarely predictable and frequently enticing view of the world and explore his singular take on dealing with its vagaries and peculiarities.

On ‘Tender Is The Night’ Chris Luedecke handles vocals, banjo and guitar, alongside him are Tim O’Brien (mandolin, fiddle, vocals, bouzouki, guitars) Mike Bub (bass) and Kenny Malone (percussion).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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