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‘With Fire In Mind’ - second album from Dan Wilde

(March 18, 2013)

There are songwriters that master melody, some write poetic lyrics, others deliver devastating vocals. Dan Wilde comes pretty damn close on all three. ‘With Fire In Mind’ is second album from this rising Dan Wildefolk artist and it deserves your attention. Once again, simple but magical ingredients shine through.

This is an album filled with personal songs that reflect love, loss, hope and despair. You’re there from the outset with the searching hope of ‘Some Room In Your Wardrobe’ a tender song filled with age-old images of hope and expectation. There’s an upbeat and equally illustrative tale within the symbolic lyrics of ‘You Are A Fire’ plus a superb melody with a gorgeous hook. The heartfelt understanding within ‘Previous Experience’ smacks of situation horribly familiar to so many people. “We want to know if you’ve previous experience in this line of work or not” – and one more instantly-memorable melody.

There’s a slightly tongue-in-cheek feel within an Americana edge working through ‘Abusing My Position’ with its eternally accurate and pertinent message, then there’s ‘Out Of Nowhere’ with more poignant lyrics and some haunting backing vocals. And of course, ‘Want What You Get’ - the presence and essential truth of this song is palpable, driven by graphic lyrics, inspired phrasing: “The trick is to want what you get not to get what you want.” A message with a kick like a mule and a life-experience familiar to many people.

It’s a simple truth ... ‘good’ is always ‘good’ ... and ‘With Fire In Mind’ is exactly that.

Playing with Dan Wilde (songs, guitar, vocals) on ‘With Fire In Mind’  are Dan Rogers (double bass) Dave Redfearn (electric guitar) Booga (electric guitar) Sean O'Leary (drums) Dave Gerard (percussion) and Emily Fraser (backing vocals).

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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