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‘World of Possibility’ from Arlon Bennett

(March 25, 2013)

These personal, perceptive and eloquent songs will put a smile on your face. World_of_Possibility_CD_Cover_smallThere’s feel-good factor in the lyrics and infectious melodies that keep your toes tapping ... I know, I’m sitting here writing this and my feet are drumming on the floor. Within these songs everyone will identify with the emotions. I’m talking about Arlon Bennett and his new album ‘World of Possibility’. This is delightful American folk that harks back to the seventies singer-songwriter essence that forged so much American folk. 

Arlon’s songs range across his world view – some cut hard, others are full of humour, while some caress gently – each one telling stories that lay down their experiences and narratives with startling honesty. Listen to the ever-hopeful opening track ‘World of Possibility’ - whatever the world throws at you, the overflowing realisation of ‘A Little Faith’ and the folk rock snapshot of America and its ways in ‘I America’.

There are songs that reflect superbly illustrative characterisation - the inquisitive edge of humour within ‘Question for Einstein’, the gentle tale of a school caretaker ‘Sal’ with its moving message of recognition and understanding and the lovingly crafted ‘Everything He Says’. Each one comes brim full of hooks built around rhythms that will stick in your mind.

You can find ‘World of Possibility’ on iTunes, Amazon and here:

Joining Arlon (vocals, acoustic guitar) on selected tracks on ‘World of Possibility’ are John Sonntag (guitars, bass, ebow, piano, lap steel, harmonica, dobro, harmonies) Bob Harris (mandolin, piano, guitar, keyboard) The Boxcar Lilies (harmony vocals) David Anthony (drums, percussion) Jennifer Smith (cello) Deni Bonet (violin) Maureen Fichten and Anita Harding (harmony vocals) and Ansel Matthews (vocals).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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