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‘The Same Way Down’, the new album from Annalivia

(April 03, 2013)

Listening to ‘The Same Way Down’, the new album from Annalivia places your soul somewhere between luxuriating in a lyrically soothing balm and experiencing an intense desire to dance – all part the-same-way-down-cdof the eternal fabric of American folk music. Ranging from traditional songs and tunes through self-penned originals this is an album that must gain the attention it richly deserves.

From an outstanding take on the traditional, ‘False Sir John’ with shimmering vocals and strings through ‘New Morn Meadow’ an instrumental artfully taking from the past and coalescing with the new, to the rich tones and layered harmonies of ‘Restless For A While’ this is a totally engaging. The key attractions for me reside in the beautiful melodies and softly sung lyrics of ‘Wherever We’re Bound’ and ‘Deepest Water’ – songs that echo with you throughout the day.

There’s a vivacious attraction in Annalivia’s music as they take the influence of ‘tradition’ from a variety of roots - Celtic, Scandinavian and Americana, blend in the immediacy of ‘new’ approaches and sprinkle the result with sparkling innovation to forge a brew that’s strong, heady, refreshing and full of flavour. And if one day Annalivia decide to head for England’s rocky shores (and they should) then I’ll be in the audience ready to drink deep of that concoction.

Annalivia are Liz Simmons (lead and harmony vocal, acoustic guitar) Flynn Cohen (acoustic guitar, mandolin, sruti box, lead and harmony vocals) Emerald Rae (fiddle, harmony vocals) and Mariel Vandersteel (fiddle, harmony vocals). Guest musicians on some tracks on ‘The Same Way Down’ are Corey DiMario (bass) Lukas Pool (banjo) and Aoife O’Donovan (vocals).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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