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‘Celtic Fragments' from Whisky Trail - a rare and beautiful reward

(April 06, 2013)

The faithful beauty of this album is in the way the band arranges its fragments – amalgamating celticfragmentselements from the past with contemporary interpretation to create a fascinating whole. They combine dreamlike tunes, English and Gaelic renditions of ancient Irish songs, and blend the styles and expertise of extremely talented musicians. The result is the latest album from Whisky Trail – ‘Celtic Fragments’.

For those familiar with the entrancing music of Whisky Trail finding faultless Irish music hailing from Italy should be no surprise whatever. Then again, those that might express astonishment should consider the spread and influence of Irish music across ancient Europe. It is music that slides its way into life from all angles – the power of religion, the depths of struggle, dismay and oppression, day-to-day toil and shadows of mystery – all are encapsulated in its spread. Growing from a tradition as natural and fundamental to its people as the air they breathe. And that’s exactly what you get with ‘Celtic Fragments’.

Whisky Trail offer a proliferation of such music from the delightfully sung ‘The Small Leprechaun’, the rich splendour of Gaelic poetry with ‘Scél lem dúib’, haunting sounds of pipes and strings encompassed by ‘Leprechaun’s Dance’, and the lingering essence of ‘And Play All a Melody’. There’s a stunning composition built around W.B. Yeats’‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ plus an equally powerful and movingIascach muirevocative and riveting. This collection of tunes and songs flow together building from ‘roots to branches’ to flower into splendour. Listening to this album is a rare and beautiful reward and worth taking time to relish.

On the album Whisky Trail are Giulia Lorimer (vocals) Vieri Bugli (fiddle, mandola, vocals) Luca Busatti (guitar, vocals) Stefano Corsi (Celtic harp, harmonica, harmonium, pedal-bass, vocals) Massimo Giuntini (uilleann pipes, whistles, bodhran, vocals) with Piero Bubbico (Scottish snare drum).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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