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‘When Will You Come Home?’ from The Webb Sisters - sanctuary and serenity

(April 08, 2013)

The voices of Charley and Hattie Webb are eye wateringly beautiful. With their latest EP, ‘When Will You Come Home?’ recorded in a break while touring with Leonard Cohen, The Webb Sisters have Webb sistersproduced yet another awe-inspiring example of their combined gifts. Each time you listen to Charley and Hattie it’s a cathartic experience. The pressures and the troubles fade away and everything concentrates into the liquid energy of their incomparable vocals and inspired harmonies.

Many EPs leave you wanting more and when they do that’s good. The first time this one finished there was silence in the office with lots of deep breaths as everyone regained their composure. Then the ‘repeat’ button was pressed again and again. There’s so much to enjoy in such a small snapshot this CD is practically overflowing. The two originals – the lilting ‘Missing Person’ co-written with Dan Wilson and the touching ‘It May Be Spring But I Still Need a Coat’ are simply splendid. Tender vocals deliver Leonard Cohen’s ‘Show Me The Place’ to create a song that’s simple, unadulterated and flawless. Then to hear how a classic song should sound, listen carefully to their gorgeous take on ‘Always On My Mind’ and there will not be a dry eye in the place. The oft added ‘bonus track’ is a strikingly arranged orchestrated version of ‘Show Me The Place’ – both raw and potent, borne on powerful percussion, the swirl of plucked and bowed strings with harmonies to die for.

Buy this EP and you’ll always own a sanctuary of serenity. Find it here:

On ‘When Will You Come Home?’ Charley and Hattie deliver the vocals with Charley (guitars, percussion) Hattie (harp, mandolin) Ian Walker (double bass) Peter Asher (percussion, background vocals) and Jeff Alan Ross (piano, organ).

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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