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‘Frugal Puritan’ released by Folk Police Recordings ... or maybe not

(April 10, 2013)

There was a period when time meant nothing. Days with clouds in our heads. Bodies Frugal Puritansomewhere else. Today, that quasi-paranoid, sixties life-slice is the foggy blank of a faded photograph, a story minus several pages or a half-heard broadcast. Where I believe I do have memories, time has filled the blanks with other people's recollections and I’ve adopted them as true ... possibly. I thought those days were gone ... and then ‘Frugal Puritan’ released by Folk Police Recordings drops through the letter box.

This music skirts the fringes of Christ-inspired psychosis, the insidious lunacy of Crowley and Leary’s acid-delight insanity – from the whispered acoustic, mythical windings of ‘Lost Son’, ‘Raising of the Dead’ and ‘Song for John David’ to the communal hymnal and electric keening of ‘Give the Lord a Handclap’ and the embryonic darkness within ‘Seven Stars’.

For some this album will be dangerous listening. Do you recall this, were you there, were the musicians, was anyone? Drifting expanses of unanchored psychedelic folk-tinged meanderings slide throughout. Images of fluid colour conjure devils and demons, saints and angels. Places to be or places to avoid. The sleeve notes shed no more light, rather they increase the obscurity. Is this from today or a thousand years ago?

If for some bizarre reason you want to know ... this is as close as I recall. Then again is that my memory or something I once heard? Depending on your age, ‘Frugal Puritan’ will either throw dustsheets off dark designs or expand your mind to show what once was ... maybe, or maybe not.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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