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‘Scorpion Moon’ from Sora - inexorable passion and ‘siren-song’ temptation

(April 14, 2013)

I first heard Sora’s dazzling voice back in 2009 on the album Heartwood – and thought it would be hard for her to outshine that album for sheer ethereal, fragile yet immediately moving and potent vocals. NoScorpion Moon problem, with ‘Scorpion Moon’ she has done just that. From the outset you’re pulled inexorably into the passion and majesty that surrounds Sora’s ‘siren-song’ temptation. There are no rock costs waiting for the unwary traveller within this songstress’s enticement, simply the depth and breadth of her songs. 

Within ‘Scorpion Moon’ there are 11 of Sora’s explorations in song that travel through the shadows of myths, to wander through experiences and memories of desperate longing, intense love and powerful desire. As before, I call this ‘music to listen to’ – and I don’t mean over the in-car system while the world charges past your window. To luxuriate in the true attraction of Sora’s voice you sit down, switch off the phone, ignore the world and do nothing but listen.

‘Scheherazade’ opens the album and with the essence of those persuasive stories holds you enthralled. Among the other charms are the elusive spell of ‘Hiraeth’, the searching truth of ‘Hero’ and the intense feeling of ‘Mermaid Song’. The realisation of breaking free and standing your ground within the narrative of ‘The Tower’ is palpable, as is the pure understanding of death and all it means about moving on rather than ending encapsulated by ‘Moving On’.  

Sora lives and breathes her songs, pouring her soul into each one. Take the time to surrender to the embrace of ‘Scorpion Moon’ and share the path.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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