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‘Watch Over Me’ the debut EP from Hanne Jøstensen

(April 16, 2013)

The ‘shock of the new’ is not confined to the development of modern art it also describes the sensation watch over mewhen a previously unheard-of-artist delivers a surprise. Hard as it often is for new artists to have their work reviewed, sometimes it cries out for attention – that’s what happens with Watch Over Me’ the debut EP from Hanne Jøstensen.

This is an EP that has some depth worth exploring. The opening track ‘Windowsill’ has a gently attractive melody and Hanne’s rich voice, but that’s not the real ‘grab’, it’s when the other tracks kick-in you start to hear something rather magical. ‘Within The Reach of You’ punches out its message from the first – energised folk rock complete with infectious hook, pulsing bass and jangly guitar, and of course Hanne’s voice. There’s the lovingly delivered, parentally-inspired lyrics of ‘One Of A Kind’ – (already you’re getting to love this lady’s voice) augmented by a soulful viola.

Hanne delivers another punchy hook-laden song with a melody to die for in ‘Straight Back’. If ever there was a song that epitomises getting back up when you’re knocked down, this is it. If we observed a ‘song of the month’ compilation this would be up there with the best. And for good measure there’s the languid longing of ‘Watch Over Me’ – with soft vocals echoing across a plaintive piano track.

In my humble opinion if Hanne Jøstensen continues writing songs like this we’ll hear more from her.

Playing on ‘Watch Over Me’ are Hanne Jøstensen (lead vocals, guitar) Nick Brown (drums) Jim Walmsley (bass, electric guitar) Rasmus Solem and Martyn Galea (keys) Robbie Duncan (guitar) Ben King (backing vocals) Susan Fullertton-Smith (viola) and Steph Casey (guitar).

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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