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VAMM - Patsy Reid, Catriona Macdonald and Marit Fält - rich with beauty

(April 22, 2013)

There’s something to be said about ‘the whole being greater than the sum of the parts’ well when vamm coverapplied to this band the whole has most definitely come from the melding of its parts The eponymous debut album from VAMM, who are Patsy Reid, Catriona Macdonald and Marit Fält is rich with beauty defined by combined skills and musical passions.

In case you’re wondering, VAMM is an ‘old-language’ word from The Shetland Isles, it means to bewitch or entrance. And in the hands of Patsy, Catriona and Marit two fiddles and a mandola (or more accurately a Låtmandola - in simple terms a five octave mandola) certainly create captivating music with its roots in Scottish and Scandinavian cultures. That delectable music includes their own arrangements of traditional tunes, contemporary work from the likes of Donald Grant, Aidan O’Rourke and Jim Sutherland plus their own compositions. This collection of tunes holds you rapt, and that includes the gorgeous ‘Miranda’ and ‘Felgubben/To The West’, the sparkling exuberance of ‘The Burnt Leg’ and the elegant ‘Prospect Road’.

To my ears this album is a ‘complete’ experience, for sure you can dip in and out, but you gain the most by listening to the whole album (at least once) from start to finish without interruption - then you’ll hear just what 'enthralling' means.

VAMM are Patsy Reid (fiddles, viola) Catriona Macdonald (fiddles) and Marit Fält (mandola). The album is released on 22 April 2013 on VAMM Records and distributed through Proper Distirbution – VAMM0002. The band has a tour scheduled through May 2013.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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