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‘Goodnight Moonshine’ from Molly Venter and Eben Pariser

(April 25, 2013)

Some albums catch your ear, some steadily bring you around, others allure you from the first instant - Goodnight Moonshinelike love at first sight - listen once to ‘Goodnight Moonshine’ from Molly Venter and Eben Pariser and you are seduced. The velvet-soft attraction of Molly’s sumptuous vocals and Eben’s instrumental control make that seduction an easy surrender. The combination of these two artists has created an album that hooked me from the start and immediately displaced another ‘favourite’ from my in-car CD stack and currently it sits on ‘replay’. Yep, that’s how much it attracts and holds you.

There’s the undeniable sincerity of ‘Work I Done’ with Molly’s penetrating vocals carrying the mournful lyrics, the inherent emotion encapsulated within ‘Big Enough’ is tangible, while the heartbreak of ‘Gasoline’ reaches out to touch ‘where you live’. You should just let the title track ‘Goodnight Moonshine’ flow round you and see if it doesn’t prompt tears ... great song; and if ‘Willow Tree’ with its ace hook doesn’t make you tap your feet, your shoes might be nailed to the floor.

There’s Americana folk, pop and blues in the mix and so much to enjoy. You really do need to play this over and over. Each time there’s more to hear. The pedigree is obvious - Molly with the female-Americana trio Red Molly and Eben with Roosevelt Dime - the result is ‘Goodnight Moonshine’.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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