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‘Distant Empires’ the new album from Derrin Nauendorf

(April 25, 2013)

April is struggling to escape the grip of winter, yet already May is in mind - that’s because 28th May 2013 is the release date for ‘Distant Empires’ the new album from Derrin Nauendorf. This album is Distant Empiresacoustic, it’s also rock and if you want to spread wide the musical blanket there’s blues nestling in there somewhere. There’s little doubt that Derrin has earned his reputation as songwriter, accomplished guitarist and powerful singer but there’s more than that - he writes music that has a bite and presence that winds his songs into a force to be reckoned with.

When I hear the phrase ‘man with guitar’ I get a certain suspicion that I’ll be listening to an introspective album from a lone troubadour singing repetitive, grief-stricken songs about this own life, which to be frank often hold limited interest. Not this album. Not this singer.

The breadth of music on offer in ‘Distant Empires’ is impressive – from the reassurance and faith of ‘Witness’ through the punch and drive of songs like ‘One Light on in Jerusalem’ and the bluesy-backed acceptance of ‘History Repeating’ to thedesolate confusion of ‘My Best Was Not Good Enough’. Then when you think you have the measure of this work along comes ‘New World Order’ complete with gutsy guitar licks, driving bass and drums – this is pure blood acoustic rock and damn good too. And while you’re in the mood take in the power and pulse of the anthemic essence of ‘Free Man’ complete with both personal attitude and a certain level of reflection.

This is an album that lays down its challenge, dares you to accept and you should. This is uncompromising music – it is one man’s view and he’s clearly not that fussed if you don’t agree. Derrin states: “I hope people like it, but also that is up to them. I know I have done the absolute best I could.”

I agree. And what’s more, I think you’ll love ‘Distant Empires’.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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