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‘Seeing Things’ the new album from Kevin Doherty

(May 09, 2013)

I have just listened to one panacea for life’s vagaries. There you are struggling with the pressures … and what’s the remedy? Simple. Immerse yourself in ‘Seeing Things’ the new album from Kevin Doherty, and everything will be fine – no doubt about it. Perhaps as widely known as part of Four Men & A Dog as for his solo work, this collection of ten new songs will evolve into something of a classic, further enhancing an Kevin Doherty without pencil scanalready convincing songwriting reputation.

From the start, gorgeously engaging melodies sweep around you as the soft depths of these powerful lyrics and the sheer warmth of Kevin’s emotive vocals pulls you into each song. You’re living with every word and without any effort on your part, Kevin holds you there. The expressive duet with Charley Webb (Webb Sisters) ‘Esplendido Corazón’ is quite simply enthralling, as is the insightful poignancy of ‘Poor Boys’ and for those of us that regard flying as less than beguiling there’s the perspicacity of ‘Seeing Things’.  

Taken as a whole these songs echo personal views, keen reflections and convincing exploration that share a common theme. Themes perhaps not always easygoing but so worth sharing. The precise scrutiny and seductive melody of ‘I’m Going Now’ make this a song that will remain with you a long time, while the gentle longing of ‘I Wish I Was On A Train’ is something to hear. Me, I also loved the semi-unfathomable implication and nomadic drifting of ‘Rambling Irishman’.

‘Seeing Things’ is a stunning album - songs for the soul, medicinal music to engage with the best part of us all. And more frankly than that – it is plain bloody beautiful.

‘Seeing Things’ releases on 17 June 2013 on Proper Records (PRPCD109) digitally and on CD - and as an added bonus with the CD you get a strikingly designed wallet complete with lyric sheet.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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