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'Wits End' from Ahab - feel good music

(May 11, 2013)

I can’t help it, no matter how hard I try, whenever I listen to Ahab a miniscule echo of early CSNY wanders into the frame. The latest Ahab album ‘Wits End’ - an amalgamation of re-mastered songs from their previous EPs Wits End– does nothing to eliminate that impression but on the way it establishes Ahab as a polished and established band.

The band, Callum Adamson (guitar, vocals) Dave Burn (guitar, vocals) Seebs Llewellyn (bass, vocals) and Luke Price (mandolin, vocals) purveys guitar-driven alt-folk mixed with a tang of new country-edged Americana. And do you know there’s something rather tasty going on with their intricate catchy harmonies. Although this is most certainly music of its time there’s that echo again and I can’t help but seeing the ghost of a Woodstock generation drifting about in the background. The band will probably hate this but it’s there nonetheless, and by the way it’s meant as a sincere compliment.

Listen to any track and you’ll be hard pressed to call me a liar … from the drive of ‘Wish You’ through ‘Run Me Down’, the delightful ‘Lucy’ and the rock-tinged ‘Rosebud’ to the inspired layers of ‘Where’s The One You Love’ they deliver their style and panache with considerable musical and vocal dexterity. The essence of ‘Wits End’ is ‘feel-good’ music, which pretty much sums it up - listen and you will feel good.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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