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'Find Follow' debut EP from Winter Mountain

(May 11, 2013)

There’s always feelings of both love and hate engendered by EPs. When there’s enough, there’s enough. Find FollowThen again, when an EP leaves you wanting more there’s that kind of empty feeling as the music ends. ‘Where’s the rest of it?’ Is the fervent cry. ‘I was just getting into that and now I want more.’ The debut EP from Winter Mountain (aka Joseph Francis and Martin Smith) ‘Find Follow’ falls squarely into the ‘leaving you wanting more’ category. And for my money that will be a lot more please.

Three tracks are all you get (there has to be more to follow soon - perhaps a full-blooded album) but through them you can hear subtle melodies, tight as you like harmonies, and an exuberance that delivers songs you are compelled to hear. The beauty of a duo whose voices blend as well as these is listening to and sharing with the obvious connection on the sparkle of ‘Shed A Little Light’, the lilting reflection of ‘Sarah’ and ‘Whenever You lay Your Head Down’ with its evocative melody and meditative philosophy.

More than a touch of sixties America, blended with inspirational folk spirit, delivered through shared experiences across the pond and the independence of a heritage gained in Cornwall and Ireland. There’s a mix destined to deliver more … I do hope so. Find more about Winter Mountain here:

With Joseph and Martin on ‘Find Follow’ are Robbie McIntosh, Audrey Riley and Leo Abrahams. The EP is available on Charcoal Records.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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